Article Statement

Saw Article Summary
The movie Saw by James Wan connects perfectly to our course concepts. In the movie, there are many monstrous acts done by either some of the main characters or Jigsaw himself. Jigsaw targets those who don’t appreciate life, so what I want to do with my project is completely start from scratch and write a prequel to the first movie and explain why Jigsaw is doing what he is doing. Throughout the movie there are many monstrous acts that occur, I will only be focusing on the ones that Jigsaw himself does, or sets up. There are other rooms that Jigsaw has set up that the cops reference when they’re questioning Dr. Gordon, and what I’d like to do with those scenes is break them down and create a reason as to why he’s choosing that specific person/ method of murder.
I absolutely love the idea behind this, it’s very intriguing. Although it is very sick and twisted, it’s something completely unheard of. A fresh idea that’s never been done before. The props looked fantastic and were very well thought out. One prop that I found particularly cool was the camera and how they used the flash to add to the scene. The cinematography was very well thought out as well. The camera angles and the lighting were very well thought out. One scene in particular was when Dr. Gordon had a picture taken of him right before he was captured in the parking garage. The camera flash was used along with some red lighting to signify that something bad was going to happen. One thing that I disliked for sure was the acting in some scenes. In parts of the movie it is alright and they seem to be acting excellently. But in other scenes, especially when they’re supposed to be crying, their acting is not good. Although it is very difficult to make sadness look believable in a movie, it is necessary if you are going to be acting out a part where the character will be undergoing pain or sadness. If there would be a change to the movie, I would chose to change the actors. Although they did a great job in most of the film, the sad parts are where the character is supposed to draw sympathy or even connect with the viewer, and for me, these actors fell short of that goal. I feel that if the actors would change they could possibly connect with the audience more and drag out more emotion from them.
Changing the scenery would definitely change the mood and the feeling of the movie. The room that they’re locked in is very eerie and I feel as if it was the perfect setting for this movie to take place in. If the setting would be changed, it could take away from the suspense and the eerie aspect that the setting provides. If the time period would be changed, the room that they are locked in would have to be adjusted a bit, to be able to accommodate the lack of technology. Although most of the traps do not require much technology, I feel that the technological aspect of the time period wouldn’t really matter because it is mostly locks and keys rather then big complex puzzles with trap doors and many moving parts. There has already been a sequel made for this movie, but there hasn’t been a prequel made for Saw. I plan on conducting a prequel for my project. I feel that a prequel as to why Jigsaw acts the way he does would be very interesting and also be fun to write because you have so much leeway with what you can do, all that you have to do is match it up with the final product.
I will be writing about the reasoning behind why the monstrous person justifies these monstrous acts. Childhood traumas and mishaps will sculpt the the traps and death rooms that Jigsaw plans. I hope my audience will see the connections between past childhood experiences that I make up and that they will be able to connect them to the “present.”